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New Dimatix Flush Rig from Pantheon Systems Ltd

We are pleased to introduce the Dimatix (SG1024)Flush Rig, the system is capable of flushing both of the Dimatix SG1024 126mm and the 128mm print head. The Dimatix Flush Rig will be available as Standard Flush Rig or In-Situ Flush Rig.

The Pantheon Flush Rig removes the cost associated with unnecessarily returning the print heads as blocked nozzles can frequently be cleaned and recovered on-site. We have an 80% success rate of recovering blocked print heads, one of the benefits of our system is you can run the flushing process as many times as needed to get the desired results without causing damage to the print heads.

Everything is built in to the flush rig, so you won’t need any additional equipment to run the flushing process, The Pantheon flush Rig has pre-programmed flush cycles to suit each individual print head which controls the pressure going in, we also use complex pressure sensors that eliminates any risk of damaging the heads caused by excess-pressure, excess-pressure can easily cause terminal damage to the print heads internal components, nozzles and plates.

Although we don’t sell the chemical directly, we have partnered up with Nazdar Ink Technologies to provide the chemicals. For a list of approved chemicals please click here, for pricing please contact Nazdar directly and they will be more than happy to assist you.

The Pantheon Flush Rig is Available for the following Print heads: Xaar 1001/1002, XJ500, XJ126, XJ760, XJ128, Proton (The pantheon Xaar flush Rigs are approved under the Xaar RMA procedure)

Kyocera KJ4A – AA, KJ4A – TA, KJ4B – QA

Toshiba Tech CF1

Dimatix SG1024

If you don’t see your print head model please contact us and we will be more than happy to help find a solution.

All systems are CE approved.

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