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Pantheon Systems Limited Introduces the Flush Mini.

We are pleased to introduce you to the Pantheon Flush Mini

Due to the ongoing success of the Portable Flush Rig, Pantheon Systems have been working to develop a Table top Mini Flushing system. The Pantheon Flush Mini utilises the same features & benefits as the Portable Flush Rig but delivers them in a compact table top design. With the ability to deliver the same outstanding performance and capabilities of recovering Print Heads as the Portable Flush Rig.

Made from Stainless Steel the Flush Mini is durable, robust, and weighs in at only 3.9 kg, this table top flushing system can be ready to maintain your print heads In-Situ within approximately 5 minutes. Feedback from our regular users of the Portable rig is, that the system’s software is simple and quick to use so the good news is the Flush mini has adopted many of those features.

The Flush Mini can be used to recover print heads In-Situ and used as part of a regular maintenance routine which will help prolong the life of your print heads.

For more information on the Pantheon Flush Mini please do not hesitate to contact us or click here for further information.


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