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Pantheon Flush Mini

Tabletop print head cleaning & recovery


With the success of the Portable Flush Rig Pantheon have developed a Tabletop Mini Flushing system, the Flush Mini has the same capabilities of recovering print heads with a more compact design, The Flush Mini can be used to recover print heads In-Situ and also used as part of a regular maintenance routine which will help prolong the life of your print heads.

The Pantheon Flush Mini uses fluid and innovative jetting processes which avoids the damage often caused by alternative cleaning methods such as ultrasonic.

The Pantheon Flush Mini uses the same technology as the Portable flush rig, which is a carefully designed pulse pressure wave cycle which gives the optimum opportunity to dislodge even the most stubborn material without damaging the print head. The Integral air injection along with approved flushing flush is used to create controlled hydraulic turbulence within the print head to affect the cleaning cycle, we also use complex pressure sensors that eliminates any risk of damaging the heads due to too excess-pressure going through them, Excess-pressure can easily cause terminal damage to the print head internal components, nozzles and plates.

For more information and current print head options please download the data sheet below.
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